Full Lectures

“To be disposable is to be nameless in somebodies eyes. It is to have no recognised history.    Cynthia Enloe
I think poetry is still possible…This kind of fiction is a way of teasing out certain tendencies in the present in order to function perhaps as a tiny little alarm clock that might wake people up”            Simon Critchley
Disposable lives or wasted people are those for whom there is no room or place in that good society and social order…But why is this so? Why is it that modernity continues to produce redundant people?
 Zygmunt Bauman
What is this unthinkable nature of mass murder or enslavement which leads to an attrition of lives through starvation, torture, overwork, emaciation, through being reduced to what Primo Levi called a walking corpse?           Griselda Pollock
“What has emerged in this new historical conjuncture is an intensification of the practice of disposability in which more and more individuals and groups are now considered excess, consigned to zones of abandonment, surveillance and incarceration” Henry A. Giroux
Their struggle is our struggle, everywhere, in every city, in every country of the world. We are in a very difficult moment, in a terrible moment of humankind, but there is hope, the Zapatistas illustrate that hope. We can build something different with that hope in our hands”  Gustavo Esteva
What comes to my mind when thinking about disposable life is a set of dynamics that are marking a difference in the current period. It is the multiplication of expulsions. For it is in the drama of being expelled that invisibility sets in”    Saskia Sassen
We have become less and less aware of the changed environment in which disposing of lives takes place and the forms that disposability takes, so that we no longer recognise what is staring us in the face”                                                 Max Silverman
"If you disregard all humanitarian problems and look at what would be ideal for the functioning of the system, basically the idea is that sooner or later 80% of the people are disposable – of no use"                 Slavoj Zizek
If you think of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia there were war crime tribunals set up because of atrocities in those places. Those atrocities were absolutely no worse than the atrocities perpetrated in Latin America, and the hand behind the perpetrators was the United States”                                      Jean Franco
Disposable Life is a problem without an obvious solution. The cliché doing more with less means doing more economically with less humanely”                                 Richard Sennett
One sees the ways in which racisms are being extended in the name of and in the wake of the erasures of any terms of racial reference, it is as if racisms are being extended in the denial of racism itself                                       David Theo Goldberg
there is a kind of sovereignty that makes the world disappear, producing disposability, yes, but having acquired the means to destroy worlds, to make wordlessness”                                                                Gil Anidjar
Violence reaches extremities inasmuch as it remains or is pushed back into the realms of the invisible or it is staged; rendered extremely visible”                                                                  Etienne Balibar
My question is how do human lives become disposable? When there is social attention? When there is international attention? When there is humanitarian attention?                                                                                                   Carol Gluck