Media Partnership


The Ten Years of Terror project was partnered by The Guardian Newspaper in the United Kingdom. It enjoyed 10 days dedicated coverage on their Comment is Free news media site. This included video segments from the project, along with an article written by Brad Evans & Simon Critchley titled: “New Thinking is Needed About September 11th”.


Brad Evans & Simon Critchley further wrote about the project and the historical moment in an article titled “9/11 – a duty to remember, but what?” published in Social Europe. 


Simon Critchley complimented these with an article titled “The Cycle of Revenge” which featured in the New York Times. 




Ten Years of Terror @ Comment is Free


Article: “New Thinking is Needed About September 11th”


Article: “9/11 – a duty to remember, but what?”


Article: “The Cycle of Revenge”