Throughout 2016-2017, the Histories of Violence project's director Brad Evans, along with journalist Natasha Lennard, led a series of discussion pieces for the New York Times Opinion section (The Stone). Click on the images below to access each of the articles in the series. 

Brad Evans & Simon Critchley

Theater of Violence 

Natasha Lennard & Adrian Parr

Our Crime Against Our

Planet, and Ourselves

Brad Evans & George Yancy

The Perils of Being

A Black Philosopher

Brad Evans & Henry A. Giroux

The Violence of Forgetting

Brad Evans & Zygmunt Bauman

The Refugee Crisis

is Humanity's Crisis

Brad Evans & Gayatri Spivak

When Law is Not Justice

Natasha Lennard

& Nicholas Mirzoeff

What Protest Looks Like

Brad Evans & Simona Forti

Who is Evil & Who is the Victim?

Brad Evans & Bracha L. Ettinger

Art in a Time of Atrocity

Natasha Lennard

& Cary Wolfe

Is Humanism Really Humane?

Brad Evans & Richard Bernstein

The Intellectual Life of violence

Brad Evans

Humans in Dark Times

More from NYT

Natasha Lennard & Brad Evans

Thinking Against Violence