Special Series

State of Disappearance 

Disappearance is at the extreme ends of human denial. There is perhaps no greater terror than to vanish without a trace. Still what do we actually mean by the term disappearance? And how might we respond to the problem in new and more critically engaged ways? This collaborative project brings together critical thinking and the arts to looks at the problem of disappearance by opening up new conversation on the issue. In doing so, the project asks about what it means to be human and seeks to understand more critically what freedom in the face of its total annihilation means.

Disposable Life_edited
Disposable Life

Mass violence is poorly understood if it simply refers to casualties on battlefields or continues to be framed through conventional notions of warfare. Interrogating the multiple ways in which entire populations are rendered disposable on a daily basis, the Disposable Life project that was produced from 2014-17 featured a number of filmed reflections and writings from leading critical thinkers including, Zygmunt Bauman, Cynthia Enloe, Griselda Pollock, Slavoj Zizek, Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennett, Gustavo Esteva, amongst others. 


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Ten Years of Terror

How were we to commemorate the 10th anniversary of violence of September 11th 2001? And how might we have better reflected upon that historical moment such that we might rethink the meaning of war/peace, violence and global citizenship in the 21st Century? The Ten Years of Terror project that was launched on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 confronted these questions by inviting filmed reflections from many leading critical voices to assess the significance of the memory including Noam Chomsky, Mary Kaldor, Tom McCarthy, Michael Hardt, Brian Massumi, amongst others. 


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