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"Brad Evans" "Histories of Violence" "University of Bristol"

All the videos from the series can be viewed here from many leading critical scholars, including Cynthia Enloe, Simon Critchley, Zygmunt Bauman, Henry Giroux, Saskia Sassen, Gustavo Esteva, Griselda Pollock, Max Silverman, Slavoj Zizek, Jean Franco, Richard Sennett, & David Theo Goldberg, Etienne Balibar and Lewis Gordon, amongst others.



Project Overview

“Mass violence is poorly understood if it simply refers to casualties on battlefields or continues to be framed through conventional notions of warfare. We need to interrogate the multiple ways in which entire populations are rendered disposable on a daily basis if we are to take seriously the meaning of global citizenship in the 21st Century”.


"Brad Evans" "Histories of Violence" "University of Bristol"

Details of all official publications relating to the disposable life project can be found here. 



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