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Theatre of Violence

Considering the Violence of the Stage


Opera has the ability to take us on a journey into the darkest and deepest recesses of human experience

Christopher Alden

Conversation with the Opera Director: 


Opera & Violence
Dominic Gray



The great virtue of ancient tragedy is that it allowed the Greeks to see their role in a history of violence and war that was to some extent of their own making. It also allowed them to imagine a suspension of that cycle of violence.

Simon Critchley

Theatre of Violence.

In conversation with Simon Critchley, New York Times 2016

The Tragedy of Existence

In conversation with Simon Critchley, LA Review of Books 2019


 Pasolini is one of the most radical but at the same time one of the most poetic of thinkers, who really understands the stakes. It was almost logical therefore that society would have to kill him.

Gottfried Helnwein

Conversation with the artist

 We are not free. And the sky can still fall on our heads.

And the theater has been created to teach us that first of all.

Antonin Artuard

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