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The Histories of Violence project is committed to promoting the political and philosophical importance of the Arts. Any viable critique of violence must take seriously aesthetics, both critically and affirmatively, while exploring within artistic production the potential for steering history in a different direction. 

Degenerate Art

In collaboration with HENI productions, a short introduction film was produced discussing the now infamous, yet still all too relevant, Degenerate Art Exhibition held in Munich in 1937.



The Histories of Violence project and its initiatives have inspired a number of collaborations with established artists. Most recently this has included the co-curation of the artist-led State of Disappearance project, in partnership with the Mexican abstract painter and writer Chantal Meza. 


Artist as Witness

How might we rethink the role of the artist as a witness to history? Might this be  the only way to save an endangered humanity? This section explores this idea, featuring films, written reflections and conversations with many renowned visual artists.  


A number of the productions from the Histories of Violence project have been screened and exhibited in prominent international galleries. Most notably, at the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. 


Theatre of Violence

We have instigated a number of initiatives to address the importance of the theatrical in relation to violence. These have included events and talks concerning Opera, along with wider conversations on violence & performance. 

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Visualising the Pain of Humanity

Drawing upon narratives from Brad Evans book, Ecce Humanitas: Beholding the Pain of Humanity, this section features a series of short films exploring the transgressive witnessing of art. The wider project also featured a written collaboration with the British artist Jake Chapman.

A voice comes to one in the dark. Imagine.

Samuel Beckett

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